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The first meeting of Kennard Baptist Church was held  July 28, 1963, in the old Kennard Town Hall.  In September of 1963, the congregation moved into a house on North Main Street, in Kennard, later owned by Harold & Jean Gipson. On November 17, 1963, Kennard Baptist Church was officially constituted as "The First Southern Baptist Church of Kennard, Indiana."  (The original Town Hall was destroyed by the tornado that struck Kennard on April 3, 1974.) 


In November of 1965 the Church purchased the property at its current location, on the corner of State Road 234 and County Road 100 South. The membership built and held services in the "new" building in the spring of 1967.


March, 1994 was the ground-breaking for the new Sanctuary and classroom facility.  After a few months of foundation and preparatory work by the congregation, in June 1994, a group of dedicated Christians, calling themselves "Carpenters for Christ" sacrificed their summer vacation to help build the new Church building. By the end of their 2-week stay, the building was under roof.  After a few weeks of "finishing" work, the first service was held in the current building in the August, 1994.


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